Natural Whitening Coco


100% Natural whitening powder

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  • Removes stains and give you your natural teeth color back
  • Free of harmful chemicals and artificial additives
  • Made by 100% clean & natural coconut shell


Cmiile Coco is a 100% natural teeth whitener, which is based on activated charcoal from natural coconut shell, which actively fights stains, discoloration, plaque, gingivitis, bacteria, and bad breath. Cmiile Coco detoxes your mouth. This natural formula reduces bacteria build-up and plaque while removing spots and stains gently and effectively. Gives you whiter teeth within 7 days.

Use & result:

Brush in little circles for 2-4 minutes. Spit out, rinse your teeth thoroughly and then you are done. Your mouth will feel amazingly fresh and clean. By brushing your teeth 1-2 times daily for 7 days with this natural formula, your teeth will become whiter, more clean and healthier.

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry and cool.


  • 100% clean & natural coconut shell


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