Terms and conditions

Order Confirmation

An order confirmation is sent automatically to the e-mail address, which the customer has entered in the shipping details. It can be a good idea to save this confirmation, in case the customer needs to contact our customer service. Customer Service can be reached all weekdays by email [email protected]. We aim to answer the emails within 24 hours.


Delivery is made to the entered address. Cmiile.com takes reservation for sold out goods. Cmiile.com estimates a delivery time on approximately 5-8 business days. External conditions which are out of Cmiile.com’s hands cannot be taken into account. If the product is not delivered at the time, which is made clear to the customer, the customer is not justified to claim compensation. 


Cmiile.com reserves the right to cancel the customer’s order as the following of type errors, technical issues, fail of delivery or situations thereof. Cmiile.com reserves the right to take into account type-errors, pricing issues, tax, and duties, sold out or deleted products and delivery failure from our supplier. 


The package is sent with DHL.

Payment & Fees

Payment via credit card is subject to card issuer conditions for use. When one buys with credit card the amount is “reserved” on buyers account. When the supplier afterward have sent the ordered products, cmiile.com will issue a demand for payment to the card issuer. That means, that the customer can’t dispose over the reserved amount after the order is approved.

The amount is withdrawn firstly on the customer’s credit card when the products are being sent from the supplier. There can never be withdrawn a higher amount than that the customer has approved when purchasing.

By paying with VISA and MasterCard there is added a card payment fee which amounts to 2.75% of the purchased amount. The actual transaction fee will be shown on the payment screen, before approving the payment.


As a customer, you have the right to return your product without any particular reason. Though you have to inform our customer service, at the latest 14 days after you have received the product. To return a product it has to be unused, unbroken and in original packaging. Return the product with your order confirmation or a copy of it. On the order confirmation, you have to highlight that it is a case of return. The customer will have to pay the shipping fees.


If a customer receives a product which is a defect and not working, we will replace it with a new product without any costs. The customer only has to inform our customer service in the latest 14 days after you have received your product. The customer has to contact our customer service to get the warranty approved. There are given 2 years of warranty in regards to buyer law.  The warranty does not cover, batteries, errors or damages which have been made directly or indirectly because of poor service, poor maintenance, aggression or unauthorized intervention. 


Dispute with reason in these conditions is determined by the court of law in Aarhus, Denmark.

Age limit

Our products are recommended for ages 12 years and up. If the customer is under the age of 18 we recommend getting parental consent before purchasing any of our products online. 

Use of personal information

When we collect and use the customer’s personal information, we only do it for the management of our website and to deliver the services and products which you have requested or bought – including registration of newsletter with news and offers.


See terms and conditions for subscriptions products here.

PriceRunner buyer protection

Protect your purchase up to £ 5,000 if problems occur in connection with your purchase. As a registered PriceRunner member, your purchases always include the Buyer Protection with us. This service is free and applies to all registered PriceRunner members.

If you are not already a PriceRunner member and have visited us through them, you can still benefit from the Buyer Protection by registering within 60 minutes of your purchase. Becoming a PriceRunner member costs nothing and takes only a few minutes! Visit PriceRunner for your free Buyer Protection

The PriceRunner Buyer Protection compensates you for damage to goods upon delivery, broken goods, if an individual product is missing on delivery, if the goods are incorrect or if the goods are not delivered. Remember that the order must be addressed to at your registered address.

You will only be refunded for direct financial damage that you have suffered, purchase costs and shipping costs. The Buyer Protection does not compensate you for other direct or indirect costs, depreciation or loss of revenue.

On PriceRunner, you can find a list of exempt categories as well as the complete user conditions that apply.

Yes please, take me to PriceRunner for free registration!